5 Valentines That Will Make Photographers Smile

At Primary, we know what it is like to have a passion for photography. We photograph just about everything imaginable to use in the work we create for our clients. Our in-house photographer has photographed her fair share of multi-million dollar apartment and office buildings throughout the US, and she’s also conducted fashion, product and lifestyle photoshoots for a variety of clients over the years.

So, if you love photography (or photographers) as much as we do, give one of these clever Valentine’s Day cards to the photographer in your life!

You make my F stop
Print “You make my F stop”

You pull my focus
Print “You pull my focus”

You light my strobe
Print “You light my strobe”

Print “You’re the aperture of my eye”

You make my shutter speed
Print “You make my shutter speed”

Leave a comment and let us know which one was your favorite Valentine’s Day card. To stay updated on more fun and creative blogs, follow us!

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